Way back when…in midlife…I discovered Art again.

So, I started dabbling in art everyday. Drawing. Sketching. Painting. Everyday. Doodling. Painting some more. Everyday.

One day… I received a prophetic word that I would see my paintings come to life. And they did.

Shortly afterwards … I discovered two FB groups. Documented Life Project. And Documented Faith. They send an art prompt every week. One, challenge based. (Make art with a tea bag sort of thing.) The other, make art based a monthly word and weekly scripture about that Word. And hundreds, and maybe thousands, of people create and journal art based on those prompts.

Because of that, I started creating art, prompt based. Weekly. And posting to the respective pages on FB.

Because of that, I started making art that is more spontaneous. And appreciating Facebook encouragement, sometimes from a ton of people commenting and liking a post.

Because of that, I started having dreams. About something bigger than little me.

Because of that, I heard the heart of God, what if we gathered a group of artists, of all genres, whose desire it is to change the world? With and through art?

Because of that, iCreate™ Collective was birthed. We are a prophetic bunch of artists. And we believe that when we create art that reflects the heart of God, God will breathe on it, giving it life. Changing situations. Inspiring solutions.

Does that make you want to pull out a paintbrush, pen a poem, or write a heavenly song? Intentionally create every week? If so, sign up in the upper right column to receive weekly emails with the prompt, “iCreate: _____”

—founder, Sue Kemnitz

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