Several years ago I did a whole series of cute (if I say so myself) morning sketches of animals.

Well. I’m thinking of a new series. I’ve noticed a trend in faces in the art world. Non-smiley faces. (emoji’s aside) Purposeful or not.

What’s up with that?

And then the other evening at dinner, I learn that there’s even an expression “RBF”. You can google it cuz I’m simply not writing what it means here. It probably started on tv. Or maybe it was the models.

Or it may have started with women doing it in response to the men in their life following the car ahead by all of 2 feet. Yes, that car that’s speeding along at 70 (rather than 75). Apparently this may help move them over to the right-hand lane. I mean really. There could be a reason. Oops. Did I really write that? PNB (probably not biblical).

All that nonsense aside, I thought maybe I’d do a little comeback of the morning sketch thing, posted on Facebook. It would be ladies, though. I kinda like the expression, “ladies in waiting.” Anyway, I’m still thinking, er praying, about it.

Anyone want to join me in creating consistently. You can decide how that looks for you. As Stephanie Ackerman says, “I’m not the boss of you.”

Lets go change the world!

Love and hugs.

• • •

And hey! Did you see this? An honest-to-goodness Bible Journaling Book(let) by moi! Woo-hoo. Please preorder! Oh – I should probably preface that with all the crazy reasons to buy it – lots of helpers for you in your journaling life. Doves (it is about the Holy Spirit, after all) and angels more angels and more doves. Washi tape and stickers and traceables and super fun stuff to do with God.

Which is, seriously, what it’s all about.

Now you can pre-order  HERE. 🙂

Bible Journaling Cover by Sue Kemnitz