Some things to know, and agree to, before joining with us.

  • A prompt will be sent weekly and artists are encouraged to create weekly — sign up below or to the right
  • All art must encourage, build up or comfort and reflect light, life and positivity*
  • All skill levels are welcome.
  • If you are an art newbie – please choose to learn from those who have been at this longer than you and not to be intimidated. Lots of “process” helps will be in the blog. Because we all need help!
  • If you are a seasoned artist, please be willing to share your favorite tools and techniques, within the weekly prompt.
  • We love all genres: poets, dancers, songwriters, musicians, and of course, visual artists
  • We ask that everyone support and encourage others on our Facebook page. The Facebook page is a community page. Keep that in mind as you post. (It is not mandatory, however. Just fun and super encouraging!)
  • We will, as soon as we figure out how, have a gallery page with artists names, website and email here on the site.
  • Artists may ask to be “featured”. Please be willing to share your technique on the post
  • Solicitation in any form is not allowed

Want to join in the fun and see more of heaven released on earth? Submit this form:


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*Any art that does not meet this requirement will be taken down at iCreate™ Collective’s discretion